It lasted over 3 months…

but I can’t take anymore! I’m getting an emergency hair coloring tomorrow morning.

Oh, I tried to be strong. I tried to hold out. I told myself that when it all grew out it would be cool to know what color my hair really is. I told myself that the white–glaringly white!–patch right at my part was cool. I’m being natural! Surely I will have no more odd rashes since I am not adding random chemicals to my body! (Note: the rashes have continued even without hair dye!)

Then I caught sight of myself in the rearview mirror yesterday and went into a full blown, can’t catch my breath, I think I’m gonna pass out panic attack. I look hideous!

It doesn’t help that my bangs are an odd length. Since my hair is really curly (who knew this little fact?!) the bangs are curling up like Little Bo Peep hair. And my hair is dull. The golden brown of my youth (hey, I have clippings!) is gone. (It probably went with my youth. If anyone knows where they are, send them back!)

I decided to let Jim be the deciding factor. If he thought I was looking alright, I would leave it as is. Go au naturale…

Today at lunch I brought it up…

Me: What do you think of my hair? Should I go back to col…
Jim: Yes. Please. (He didn’t even let me complete the question!)

I made the appointment immediately. Ha! You think I’m joking. He went to the restroom, I paid the check, and immediately called Carole my hair goddess. I’ve trusted her with my hair for years now. She’s never steered me wrong. She just laughed and said she was waiting for me to change my mind. She has openings tomorrow.

Disaster soon to be averted.

I’m also thinking of changing hair styles–again. I never have the same one for very long. Let me know which one you like. I’ll let you know which one I choose after tomorrow!

Run your fingers through your hair for me!

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