My Name Is Susie and I Am Addicted To Pinterest

I have a new addiction and I am pleased to share it with you all. I want you to know about this incredible thing. I want you to participate. I want to see your ideas so I can repin them.

Yes, I said “repin.”

Pinterest is the latest most awesomest thing on the internet. I’m not exaggerating.

Two or three times a day I venture into Pinterest Land and see what incredible things people are pinning. Let me explain how this works…

  1. I’m searching for something on the vast land of the internet. Let’s say, cord organization. My desk drawer is run over with cords from the family’s various electronic devices and needs to be tamed.
  2. I find a website that shows a way to use a box and toilet paper tubes. Stuff the cords in the tubes, close the box, and you have organization.
  3. I think this is genius, and I want to share it with people. So I pin it via the toolbar link I have to Pinterest.
  4. Now people who are following my boards can also see the great idea.

Actually, I wasn’t searching for cord organization tips and didn’t even think about that. But I saw someone’s pin on Pinterest and knew I had to use the idea!

And that’s the beauty of Pinterest. All the things that the internet has to offer and you don’t know you need to know are right there on your screen for the taking. Because other people did the work for you! They took the time to pin gorgeous pictures of scenery, houses, decorating ideas, crafts, babies, food…and now you know about the greatness.

But that’s only part of the genius that is Pinterest.

Pinterest is also a great place to organize the things you are actually searching for on the internet. Let’s say I’m searching for hats to knit for the winter. BP (Before Pinterest) I could bookmark sites, maybe print out several patterns. But bookmarks and paper seem to get lost on my unorganized desktop (computer and the actual desk!).

Pinterest allows me to create a board that I call “Things to Knit” and I can pin the ideas for hats directly there. On my board I will see the pictures. When I click on the pictures I will be taken to the actual site where I found the pattern. Genius!

Some might say this is a huge time sucker. But I disagree. It’s gotten my creativity flowing again. Ideas are coming. There are so many things I want to do and try.

Do yourself a favor and check it out. I needed an invitation to join. If that’s still the case, let me know and I will send you an invitation. Because I need your ideas for inspiration…Here’s my link!

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