Gratitude In A Minute (#gratitudeinaminute)

September 21 was world gratitude day. What are you grateful for?

I try to live a life of gratitude. I know, I know. That sounds pretentious and preachy. It’s how I choose to live my life. I don’t have any expectations for your life.

Living a life of gratitude really helps with my Buddhamom persona. No, I’m not smiling and cooing 24 hours a day. I still complain about things. There are things that make me mad. But I think being grateful more often than not has made a difference in my life.

I started doing a twitter hash tag about gratitude. I’ve only done it a few times. I’m changing it up and calling it Gratitude In A Minute (#gratitudeinaminute). When anyone gets the urge, tweet that it’s time for a minute of gratitude, add the hashtag, and let’s see how many people we can influence!

I end each day with my gratitude list, which is a nice way to go to sleep. I always list five things, and someday it’s a struggle to get those five things. It makes me realize that my day is full of little things to be grateful for.

Right now I am grateful for:

  1. My family being together
  2. Jim being such a great husband and father.
  3. Chobani yogurt.
  4. Drive through banking.
  5. The squirrels playing in the lot behind my house.

Quick, what’s on your list?!

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