My Dog Roxy Is A Four-Pound Ball Of Attitude

Yes, I have a purse dog. But she hates the dog purse and hates being dressed up. Seriously, she will walk a goose step if you put any type of outfit on her and give you the most forlorn look. The only thing she will wear is a sweater I knit for her. I guess that’s good.

The really good thing about having a small dog (plus a medium and a large) is that she can play fetch in the house. She has a toy we call her “baby” and she’ll grab it when you ask, “where’s your baby?” Then you can fling it through the lower level of the house and she’ll fetch and shake it. She could play for hours. Since I’m indoors, so can I!

Last week I was so impressed by the way she carried Baby around the house as she followed me. She’s never done that before and I thought it was so cute! I did my morning things, planning on playing fetch as soon as I finished.

Finally, I bent down to pick up Baby. I realized Baby was stuck to Roxy’s collar by a loose thread. Roxy wasn’t being cute and adorable–she was trapped with Baby tethered to her. Only her lack of opposable thumbs kept her from wrenching Baby free and throwing it across the room.

She’s got attitude, Roxy does!

One thought on “My Dog Roxy Is A Four-Pound Ball Of Attitude

  1. Oh that is so incredibly cute! I have two big dogs, so I don’t get any of the little dog cuteness. Love them to pieces, though! Thank you for sharing this. Made me smile!

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