Yesterday Was Love Your Body Day…Do You?

I think this blog post pretty much sums up Love Your Body Day. I know I’ve talked about it here, here, here, here…I guess I write about this a lot! Search weight and you’ll see what I mean!

I really want you to love your bodies. I want you to take time right now to think about the things your body does for you each and every day. Don’t you even dare think of the things it doesn’t do!

Are you breathing?! Is your heart beating?! Are you reading this? Have you eaten something and your body is working through it to remove nutrients?

Take the time you would have spent reading a 500 word post on loving your body and just go do it! Spend ten minutes (or more!) thinking about what a gift your body is. Not only to yourself, but to your partner, your children, your friends…

Then, tell me what part of your body you love the most.

Me? I vacillate between my eyes, my toes, and my laugh. I can’t really decide!

5 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Love Your Body Day…Do You?

  1. People have told me for years that I have really awesome red hair, but it was only in the past few years that I started to believe it. Hopefully I have a few good red years left before it turns to gray. 😉

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