Techno Queen Talks: Things I Love About My Apple Devices

I love me some Apple…devices that is! I have said it loud and proud that I think the Apple people are gods–absolute techno gods. They took me from creating my mix cassette tapes with songs on the radio or on albums to burning a CD with music a dragged onto a playlist! And here are some reasons I love them!

1. I can use the same cord for my iPod, iPhone, and iPad to charge and update

2. All of my devices are easy to sync with each other. And it should be even easier now with OS 5!

3.I can charge and listen to my devices on my clock radio.

4. I can listen to my iPhone in the car, making satellite radio unnecessary. Too bad I have a contract…

5. Apps have made my life easier. Cozi Central is my family’s calendar these days. I can’t stop checking weather with The Weather Channel app. I can read books with a variety of apps–and each device keeps track of my place so they are all up-to-date!

6. Apple is user-friendly and intuitive. The touch screen is top notch–it knows where you touch! Unlike my Android phone which was impossible to touch and get the desired results! Heck, answering a phone call on the android phone was difficult!

7. Apple consolidated our immense CD collection on to small devices! Plus iTunes lets me buy the one or two songs from an album without being stuck with the rest that I never want to listen to.

8. Using my iPad to read magazines and books (I can also read these on my iPhone!) has cut down on the number of trees being destroyed for my reading pleasure. No ink on my fingers! No balancing a heavy book in bed!

That’s all me and my cold-muddled head have for today! Why do you love your Apple devices?!

2 thoughts on “Techno Queen Talks: Things I Love About My Apple Devices

    • @bestoffates Yes, the interaction is the best! I just read Steve Jobs didn’t sell products, he sold dreams. And a way of life. Guess he succeeded!

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