High Tea With The Ladies

Kelsey & Shannon are sporting hats made my Shannon's mother-in-law. These hats are so cute and reminiscent of the royal wedding of William and Kate!

Last week, Kelly, Kelsey, Shannon and I went to high tea at Ambrosia Euro American Patisserie in Barrington, Illinois (710 West Northwest Highway). It was so much fun! A lot of sugar was consumed, but we managed to get through it!

Ambrosia is a large place with little seating. When you walk inside, you are greeted by a display of bakery items. Some of them are to pretty to even contemplate eating! Next to that is the display of bakery items. Different types and flavors of tea are¬†displayed¬†throughout the store. You can watch the magic happening through a large glass window overlooking the work area. There’s even a nice set of steps for the little curious customers.

With high tea you got to select from a variety of drinks. The first “course” was from a selection of bakery items. We ate some pretzel bread, apple/vanilla croissants, assorted muffins, and banana bread. The second course consisted of bakery items. We had cake, truffles, tarts.

Kelsey wore these shoes and I admire her ability to walk in them!

My absolute favorite thing was the chocolate/raspberry cake. Seriously, I’ve fantasized about it since we went! I also really liked the pretzel bread, even though I expected not to. I always think pretzel bread just sounds dry…but this wasn’t dry at all. The pretzel flavor is mild.

I enjoyed the zucchini/carrot muffin. It was so moist, and it actually had large pieces of shredded carrot visible!

Ambrosia is a busy place. Moms were stopping in with young children for a coffee and a treat. Other moms were bringing in their children for an after-school snack. Lots of the other customers were groups of people settling in on a rainy day to enjoy a nice time with friends.


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