50 Books: Nevada Barr’s Liberty Falling

After reading a book from Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series, you come away feeling like you have made two new friends. Liberty Falling confirmed that feeling in me!

The Anna Pigeon series has Anna involved in a mystery in whichever national park she happens to be in at the moment. In Liberty Falling, Anna is near Ellis Island in July because her sister Molly is deathly ill. Anna explores Ellis and the surrounding islands. She gets romanced by a doctor. She copes with an old lover being in love with Molly. She questions two deaths that take place on Ellis Island after they fall from the Statue of Liberty at different times.

You don’t read a Nevada Barr book fast. You set aside time to get lost in it. Barr’s intense, detailed explanations and descriptions capture your imagination and transport you so you’re right next to Anna Pigeon, sometimes right in her very mind! Be prepared to read and re-read passages that are so perfectly written you don’t want to move past them.

It was a great diversion to lose myself in the decrepit buildings original to Ellis Island in the summer when faced with the impending winter of Illinois. I felt Anna’s pain when faced with losing her sister. I know the conflict of seeing someone who was once hers now enamored with her sister.

Anna Pigeon isn’t a young heroine. She is 44 years old in Liberty Falling. Knowing that fact makes me relate to her even better!

I’m slowly working my way through this series because it’s a popular one in the ebook library system. Do yourself a favor and start at the very beginning. It’s truly worth the trip!

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