Sorry Rick Springfield, I’ve Got To Replace You

Friday night Jim and I saw Rick Springfield in concert again. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen him in the past decade. Once a year? Sometimes twice a year? We had our pictures taken with him last year at a book signing. So I actually touched him!

But Rick just hasn’t responded to my requests to acknowledge my existence at all. No matter what I’ve written or what I’ve done…he ignores me. I even gave him a swag bag when I saw him at the book signing. I didn’t even get a form thank you note. That’s just manners, Rick!

I made it clear that I wouldn’t be a scary stalker. I mean, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to celebrity stalking. Especially when said celebrity lives cross country. But I do have time for a witty exchange of the occasional tweet. For some harmless flirting–because I am married.
Still Rick resists.

I’m not quitting my adoration of Rick Springfield. I’m simply willing to take some of the energy devoted to him and send it the way of someone else who’d like to be my celebrity crush…with interaction!

As the subject of my celebrity I’d like you to…
1. tweet with me
2. follow me on twitter
3. laugh when I post witty clever blogs about you
4. maybe exchange the occasional email
5. send me an autographed picture
6. enjoy the photo shopped picture I will make of us–with me in my tiara, of course!
8. anything else you’d like to offer me would just be icing on the cake…whipped cream on my sundae…spanish peanuts on my hot fudge sundae…I think I’m having a sweets attack here!

So if you are a famous person, semi-famous person, someone who wants to be famous, someone who thinks I am amusing…I’m willing to accept your application for my celebrity stalking victim. However, you must realize that I mean “stalking victim” in the most loving and least threatening way.

I do have some suggestions for people who might want to apply: Jim Parsons, Christopher Gorham, Vincent D’Onofrio, Dennis Lehane, Jennifer Crusie, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, Steven Weber, Timothy Olyphant, The Burn Notice Cast, Jeremy Sisto…wow, this llist could get very long.

I’ve included famous people here because I probably don’t know that much about you if you’re semi-famous or want to be famous. But that doesn’t leave you out of the running!

8 thoughts on “Sorry Rick Springfield, I’ve Got To Replace You

  1. Who’s Rick Springfield? Never heard of him.

    & that’s so cool you got to touch him xD I met & touched Jeff Corwin once! 😀 & I cried with joy. He is hot…

  2. I would like to apply. I am not famous in the least and never will be. But I will follow you on twitter and tweet with you. But I do have 1 request (this may really ruin my chances of being stalked by you– that and the little matter of me not being famous) if you ever photo shop my photo with you can I have wear a tiara,too? 🙂

  3. There are so many celebrities you could stalk! I would vote for Mark Harmon or anyone from Burn Notice. Let’s try to find someone local though, that way you could actually get some photos with them! Maybe invite them to lunch, imagine sitting at Olive Garden for hours talking with Gibbs…le sigh.

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