70% Of Americans Dreading 2012 Campaign Season

I found this and thought, “only 70%?”

Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, you’ve got to admit our campaign seasons are very unproductive. Candidates on either side of the aisle say and do anything they can to get elected. Or, as in the case of Sarah Palin, to get rich.

We’ll be treated to lies and innuendos. Scandals new and old. Tales of things they plan to do when they are elected that are quickly forgotten when the ballots are counted.

Then the television commercials begin. Unlike other advertising that is policed by someone (I assume anyway!) the candidates and their staff can say and do anything they want. Outright lies? Who’s gonna stop them? They write the laws that protect themselves!

By the time election day rolls around, we’ll be tired of the lies. Some of us will go to vote to hope there will be a change. Some of us will stay away, figuring nothing will ever change.

Still, only 70% of Americans are dreading this cluster f***? Who are the other 30%? The politicians themselves?

Let’s brainstorm here. How can we, as citizens, change the campaign season? Anyone have any ideas? I’m open to anything…

4 thoughts on “70% Of Americans Dreading 2012 Campaign Season

  1. Take money out of it! Until politicans can no longer be bought we will not see effective change, plus if they aren’t focused on raising money the campaigning will start latter. We also need to remove the electoral college, it has screwed the people over twice.

  2. Susie, blogging about the election and making people more aware of the process is a good start!
    Most people take their responsibility as a voter seriously. I believe the louder people complain about the system, the more responsibility they have to get out and vote. As voters, we have little control over how politicians campaign, but we can vote based on our opinion of their rhetoric.
    As for Palin and Trump, I find politics so much more entertaining since they joined the fray!

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