50 in 2012: Private: #1 Suspect by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

I wish I could spend just a few days with James Patterson to see how he cranks out such page-turners. I tried explaining his writing to Jeremy and all I came up with is, “it’s all action.” Private: #1 Suspect certainly proves me right!

The book starts with a woman being killed in Jack Morgan’s bed. Jack arrives shortly after, heads straight to the shower, and then enters his bedroom to find his former lover, Colleen, bloody and dead.

Since he owns the top-notch investigative firm, Private, his best-in-their-field employees immediately come to access the crime scene. They are in and out before the police are called and Jack becomes the one and only suspect in Colleen’s murder.

Business goes on for Private. Mobsters need their $30 million of prescription pharmaceuticals recovered from the men who hijacked their truck. The owner of a string of classy hotels wants to know who’s killing males guests.

Of course, the employees of Private are also working on solving Colleen’s murder.

Patterson & Paetro lead us through the simultaneous investigations. It’s a wild ride getting to the bottom of all three mysteries.

I thought of a great twist–something I think Patterson would love–as I read the parts about the luxury-hotel-guest serial case. Alas, Patterson’s mind and my own each took a different road. Still, I think mine would have been a zinger!

Check out #1 Suspect. But I warn you, you won’t want to put the book down until you know who done it!

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