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Today, January 22, is the 39th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. This day began a time when women were given freedom over their productive rights: whether or not they should continue an unwanted pregnancy. Today, this right is under fire by people who are determined to take it away as soon as possible.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about abortion. I have more and more questions about it as I grow older. My passionate 18 year old self might not be impressed with the questions of my 45 year old. But those are my personal feelings. I am happy I have enjoyed the right to choose during my adult life.

One thing I do not  believe is that the right to choose is anything but a woman’s personal choice. I cannot ever be part of a movement with the primary goal of eradicating the right for a woman to have power over her own body.

Currently, women are in a wonderful place. They can get an education of desired. They can marry if they desire. They can delay pregnancy if they desire. They can work. They can mother. They can supervise. They can own. Gone are the days where women are considered men’s chattel with no rights to vote, be employed, or not get married.

Ladies! Wake up! If you are willing to let women lose the right to choose whether they will or will not carry out a pregnancy, you are opening the door to the eradication of other women’s rights. Next up, the right to use birth control. What will come next? The right for women with children to be employed? The right for women to own property?

Some of you might be laughing to yourselves, thinking this would never happen. It’s just about stopping the murder of innocent babies! No, it is about control from a religious right agenda that has highjacked our political system.

Honestly, do you think these people who want to be in power truly have women’s needs at heart? Let me point out their idea of idea female political candidates: Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman. They parade these political jokes before the American people to appease the suggestion that they are anti-female, leaving the truly eloquent and more-than-capable women behind. (I really wanted to provide some names here, but when I googled “moderate Republican women” the first articles are from several years ago.)

Once we give up a right, others will go much easier. Are we willing to open that door?

I believe that women are the most sympathetic when it comes to the choices other women have had to make in their lives. I believe this because each and every woman who has been pregnant–wanted or unwanted–and then mothered, understands what a tremendously difficult job this is. It is not something that should be pressed upon someone who is not ready for whatever reasons.

I will continue to support pro-choice candidates monetarily and otherwise. I will sign every petition regarding this issue that passes by me. I will re-tweet and post to Facebook my thoughts on these issues. I will do my due diligence before voting for a candidate, reassuring myself that he or she has the best interests of women at heart. I will question those who claim to know morally what is right or wrong for a complete stranger.

At the heart of my passion (apparently some remains!) over this issue, remains the basic right of choice. Women have a right to choose what their bodies will and won’t do.

I will do everything in my power as a woman to ensure that the rights of other women are honored. I will not judge anyone for their choice.

2 thoughts on “Blog For Choice Day 2012

  1. Very well put. I tried to read Eleanor Cooney’s piece for Mother Jones about late-term abortion today and felt so ill that I couldn’t finish…I can’t fathom actually wanting to have an abortion myself. I think it’s important for people who are deeply disquieted by the practice of abortion to be vocal about why they are pro-choice, and why being pro-choice is not the same as being pro-abortion. I wish that no woman would ever feel the need to terminate a pregnancy, ever, ever again…but as long as women feel that need I have to defend their right to make their own decisions and remain in control over their own lives.

    • Thank you, Grace! So often people hear “pro-choice” and immediately take it to “pro-abortion.” I wish there were viable alternatives to abortion, but there really aren’t. Until there are, I don’t feel comfortable telling anyone else what to do with their own body.

      Thanks for commenting!

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