Posing For Playboy: Thoughts

I’m excited to be teaming up with Eden Fantasys and offering commentary on their site a few times a month. Don’t be alarmed! I won’t be reviewing sex toys–unless something really really catches my fancy! But I will be letting you know about all the cool things offered on the Eden Fantasys website. There are forums where you can read about products, sex and politics, sexual health, and a ton of other things! There’s Sexis magazine that explores–what else!–sex! I’m excited about the photography group!

While exploring the Eden Fantasys forums, I found a thread about Playboy. What do you think about posing for the magazine? There’s even a poll, if you’d like to weigh in, here’s the link. The choices are: “For it/ and would did it if I had the chance, For it/ would not do it though, Not for it but wont hate you if you pose for them, If you pose for them you are helping to [destroy] our morals.”

I don’t really have strong opinions about Playboy. To me it seems pretty harmless. Women pose semi-naked, get paid, and men look. I don’t think the women are coerced into posing. And I pretty much think “Playboy” and “baby doll nightie and pearls” for some reason.

It’s been a lot of years since I’ve even seen the cover of a Playboy magazine or any other porn. I do get curious when a celebrity gets nekkid. Yes, I wanted to see Lindsay Lohan. Not enough to actually pay for the magazine. But if I ran across it on someone’s coffee table, I would have looked.

But my first thoughts these days when I hear about the magazine is the mental picture of Hugh Hefner sitting on a sectional sofa, wearing a satin smoking jacket and ascot, surrounding by buxom blondes. That pretty much kills any association of Playboy and sex for me. I’m not into wrinkled old men in ascots nor buxom blondes.

Actually, I don’t even know if Hefner wears an ascot, but it’s burned into my mind so it must be true. Right?

I definitely don’t agree with the fourth choice. Posing naked in Playboy magazine is not helping destroy morals. It takes a lot more than a semi-nude picture in a magazine to do that.

If I had to pick something in our society that is destroying morals, I would pick politics–from all sides. But that’s best saved for another day…

What do you think? Would you pose if asked? Or do you think Playboy is supporting moral decay in 0ur society?

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This commentary was provided in exchange for a gift card to Eden Fantasys–the sex toy store.

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9 thoughts on “Posing For Playboy: Thoughts

  1. I would only pose nekkid if they were doing a spread on women and their scars and how the scars do not define the woman. Otherwise, I don’t think I would. Not sure why but perhaps because there are still younger members in my family and since I am the “Greatest Aunt in the World” (with the trophy to prove it), I wouldn’t want to shatter their opinion. Somethings are better left to the imagination…

    As for supporting moral decay??? Oh please – I’m with you on the politics being more of a factor than Playboy magazine.

    And thanks for the visual of Hef – I wish I had have skipped that – LMAO.

    • Sorry about the Hef visual, but I had to share! I agree with the other-people-might-see point–imagine encountering your neighbor at the grocery store after he/she has seen you posing in Playboy. With Hef, who’s wearing an ascot…

  2. In a heartbeat! That has always been a dream of mine! And I wouldn’t give one hoot what anyone said or thought, or who I ran into at the store! I think nakedness is beautiful and can be done tastefully. I think the biggest reason I’d want to do it, is to drive home the point that not all Playboy models should be 19, platinum blonde, stick thin with big hooters. I’m 44, brunette, 130 lbs, and small breasted. I think a real man might find that even more sexy and the thought of changing that stereotype to me is intoxicating and alluring. As far as the moral decay thing, I’ve never considered Playboy porn. I like sex, nakedness, sex toys and even some porn now and again. I like to keep things spicy! 😉

  3. In November 2010, my 22 year old daughter asked me about posing for PLAYBOY. My BF and I both enjoy PLAYBOY and their website so we said why not. My daughter asked me to go with her when she auditioned at the Castin Call in San Diego. My boyfriend dared me to try out too….bribed me with shoes and lingerie to pose in and a new suit for work.
    I couldnt believe I actually went through with it, the toughest thing was taking my top off for the photographer

      • Once I got past taking my top off, I started to have a good time doing it. When I was asked to take my panties off, I teased the photog and crew a little bit and took them off, tossed them at the camera and had them hanging on the lens.

        After my first timeposing, I would go back just for fun whether or not anything came of it

        • By the time I was done with the Casting Call, I was feeling very sexy. When one of the other moms who accompanied her daughter saw me in a robe returning from the photo area, she went up to the registration desk and got an application for herself. They must have thought if that 40 something woman can do it, so can I. They also knew I had posed because I was blushing I think 9 shades of red.

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