Helicopter Parents Now Hovering Over Workplace, Part 1

Seriously!? Seriously…

I came across this article and I’m more than a little frightened for the future of our children and our country. Honestly, parents, you are doing no one any good by hovering.

I have strong feelings about parents’ roles in their children’s lived outside of the home. I believe parents are entirely too involved and that has led to this generation of kids who refuse to grow up.

As a mother, I’ve been shocked at the level of involvement in school, sports, and extra curricular activities by parents.

If you want to be involved in your child’s education and that means you are at the school for several hours each and every day, you might consider home schooling. This wouldn’t be so alarming, except some parents seem to do it more for what they can manage to get for their kids. Is it a coincidence that the kids of the most involved moms are the ones with the most accolades?

Once schools start rewarding the children of the parents who are more involved than the parents who work, have younger children at home, or who do not wish to be involved, they’ve changed education into a popularity contest. It’s not. It’s education.

If you sign your kid up for sports and attend each and every practice and game, loudly coaching from the sidelines, please consider coaching a team yourself. Little league associations are always looking for volunteer coaches. Yes, volunteers. Which is why when your child’s coach plays by the rules (which you should at least have skimmed) and carefully plans his games, you should be respectful.

Do you have to go to every practice and game? Sports are for kids. Let them go and play, without their parents hovering. Go to a few games, show interest, but let them have some independence.

I find it disconcerting that the stands at the high school football games are filled with parents rather than high school students. Those high school students should be cheering on their school’s athletes. Yes, I’ve attended a lot of games for the boys. For me, it’s a social outing. I’m not the mom screaming from the stands. I don’t want to walk across the field with my player at Homecoming. I am not living my life vicariously through the lives of my children. I already attended high school and lived through that angst. I don’t want to do it again!

Parents are high jacking their children’s lives and it’s very sad. Mothers of my generation have turned meddling into an art form. Ladies, you don’t have to feel guilty for being a stay-at-home mom. It’s okay. You don’t need to prove your worth by hovering and sucking the life and fun out of being a kid. Yes, we’ve given up a lot to stay home with out kids–extra income, time out of the workplace, not using educations we worked so hard for.

There are people who look at those of us who are staying home with school-aged kids as lazy and unproductive. But we aren’t. We recognize that a lot of things can (and do!) go wrong in those after school hours. We understand that most employers don’t take kindly to sick kids and missed work days to take care of them. We’re being proactive, hopefully preventing bad things before they happen.

We really can be good mothers without hovering. We need to trust ourselves enough to let our children go…


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