Get Yourself Some Girlfriends

Do you have girlfriends? I don’t mean casual acquaintances. I mean women whom you respect and love and feel safe sharing your deepest thoughts and fears.

I hope you do!

Everyone needs at least one person that they feel comfortable sharing uncomfortable and unpopular thoughts. Some might say this person should be your spouse, but I don’t agree. I love Jim to pieces, but there are some things he just doesn’t get. Seriously…he cannot describe a hot flash. But my girlfriends can.

A good girlfriend lets you vent when needed. She listens, offers advice, holds your hand when you’re sad, makes you laugh…and never judges. You do the same thing for her.

You can be silly with your BFF (best friend forever!) and she doesn’t wrinkle her nose at you. Remember having the giggles as a junior high girl? It’s time to find someone you can laugh with like that again. You need tear-inducing, Poise-filling laughter in your life.

She needs to be a great listener and compassionate. But she also needs to know when it’s time to slap you upside the head and tell you to get a grip. She will only let you wallow in your misery for a short time before she calls you on it.

A good friend is forgiving. She understands when you go on and on about your bad hair day–when she’s lost all her hair to chemo and sits across from you wearing a knit cap. Sure, she’s probably calling you a “bitch” in her mind, but she understands too. The same way you understand when she drools and you barely create enough saliva to keep your teeth damp!

I’m blessed with the greatest women friends of all ages. I love them all and hope they know how much I appreciate them.

Do you have close female friends? What do you get from these relationships?


2 thoughts on “Get Yourself Some Girlfriends

  1. I am blessed with an amazing friend. We are more like sisters, really, since I never had a real-life sister and I’m the person she calls before she even calls her two sisters. We met when our kids (my oldest and her youngest) went to preschool together almost 9 years ago. We have definitely been there for each other and we tell it like it is for sure. I can’t imagine not having her in my life. For most things I turn to my husband first, but for certain things, she is the first person I call.

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