Way To Make A Voter Angry…Raja Krishnamoorthi Won’t Be Getting My Vote

I’ve been in a tizzy over the anti-woman campaign that has sprung up via elected officials. For days I’ve tried to write a decent-sounding post. It’s hard to do when my mind races off in a hundred different directions. Because so much crap is being aimed at us.


Birth control


I’m just waiting for the memo telling all working women to return to their homes so the men folk can support us like God has intended. Followed by the memo to not worry our pretty little heads because it’s making us unattractive.

Then I got The Phone Call.

By the way, we never ever answer our land line if we don’t recognize the number. All we get are telemarketing calls. But I was expecting a phone call and answered.

Too bad for Raja Krishnamoorthi, because that phone call cost him a vote. Maybe two if I can rile Jim up into a tizzy also.

The person on the other end of the phone asked for “James,” which was a sign that this wasn’t a waited-for phone call. When I explained that Jim was at work, the young man told me, could you please let him know we would like his support of Raja Krishnamoorthi in the March primary.

That was all. Ummm, I am quite clearly an adult woman. But the young man didn’t ask for my vote for Mr. Krishnamoorthi. He wanted me to give Jim a message…apparently not caring about my vote.

Except I am the political one in our family. I am the one keeping up on the issues. I am the one researching local candidates, picking out the best ones to vote for. I sure as hell share that information with my husband.

I am the one who has the time to be political. I am the one who cares deeply about some issues.

But Mr. Krishnamoorthi’s representative just lost my vote. And planted the seed for this blog rant. And I will tell my neighbors this story. I will tell strangers on the street in my district this story.

This is not the time to ignore a woman, Mr. Krishnamoorthi. Not in my world, anyway!

PS I have the young man’s telephone number on caller id. We could call bomb him to help change his approach…just kidding. I think…

8 thoughts on “Way To Make A Voter Angry…Raja Krishnamoorthi Won’t Be Getting My Vote

  1. Susie,

    The issue is that you registered to vote as S. and not Susie. The volunteer did not know what name S. stood for so he asked for the only name he had on the data base in front of him, which was Jim. It had nothing to do with gender. I am sorry that you are so jaded that you would immediately jump to the worst possible conclusion and rip into a volunteer. A young women could have easily made the same mistake, I wonder if you would have drawn the same conclusion.

    • My reaction was that the volunteer (male or female) knew they were talking to an adult woman and didn’t try to engage me in any way. Any adult female living with Jim could be a potential voter. Yes, I thought it had a bit of the “little woman” attitude attached to it, and I honestly do not know what my conclusion would have been with a female volunteer. Maybe volunteers should know it is ok to engage people on the phone.

  2. Fair enough. But our campaign is not trying to talk to all voters right now. That is for the general election. We are targeting democratic primary voters right now. You and Jim vote regularly in primary elections, and so we want to talk to you and Jim, not some other person in the household who is unlikely to show up on march 20. It is not that we do not care about talking to unlikely primary voters, or that their opinion is not important to us. The reason for that is because we have so many voters to talk to it is not possible to talk to everyone. We have to use resources to target voters that will vote on the 20th or else we will not be around to talk to voters after march 20th.

    It was an honest mistake by a volunteer and it is unfair to blame Raja for such a mistake. Raja has a very strong record supporting women’s rights and is a progressive male. His wife Priya is a doctor who did not take Krishnamoorthi as her last name, and when Priya was doing her residency, Raja took time off work to stay home and raise the children. All I am saying is that you should keep an open mind about Raja. I suggest you come to our next meet and greet and talk to Raja yourself and then make up your mind about whether or not you will support him.

    Our next Meet and Greet is Monday, 2/27 from 7 to 9pm in the Rasmussen South Meeting Room at the Schaumburg Township Central Library, 130 S. Roselle Rd, Schaumburg. I hope to see you there.

    • Perfect explanation! Makes me sad that I overreacted. Honestly, I haven’t made up my mind who to vote for. Raja is campaigning heavily in my neighborhood, which actually impresses me.

      Thanks for your kind explanation!

  3. Good post and probably must read for volunteers. Remember though they are Volunteers! They’re working off lists of names and have no idea on the relationship or party preferences of others who may pick up the phone.

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