It’s International Women’s Day

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Every March 8 is International Women’s Day. According to the wikipedia article, International Women’s Day:

ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women’s economic, political and social achievements. Started as a Socialist political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries, primarily Eastern EuropeRussia, and the former Soviet bloc. In many regions, the day lost its political flavour, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother’s Dayand St Valentine’s Day. In other regions, however, the original political and human rights theme designated by the United Nations runs strong, and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner.

If there ever was a time when we need to celebrate being a woman, it is definitely right now. Because the people who matter (i.e., elected officials) aren’t loving us at all! They are worming their way into our wombs, trying to politicize our very beings. And we can’t let them!

It’s always seemed to me that women have a very hard time supporting other women. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been in competition with each other since birth. Seriously, you don’t agree?! Who’s the prettiest? Who’s the smartest? Who has the best boyfriend? Who is the prom queen? Who married the best man? Who has the most perfect children?

Let’s stop being in competition and join forces. By banding together–despite our religious and political beliefs–we can make this world a better place. By starting in our very own neighborhoods, towns, states, country we can make the world better for all women.

We are women…

  • some of us love men, some of us love women
  • some of us are married, some of us have chosen to stay single
  • some of us have children, some of us don’t have children
  • some of us are educated, some of us have common sense
  • some of us are considered beautiful by contemporary standards, all of us are beautiful in our own ways
  • some of us are religious, some of us are spiritual, some of us do not believe in a supreme being

What we all are is…

  • We are loving, compassionate beings.
  • We are giving and generous with our actions and our time.
  • We are tender and merciful.
  • We are capable of looking at the big picture and seeing a single action can affect an entire family…community…nation.
  • We understand that coming from a place of love is often better than coming from a place of aggression.
  • We know that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

We recognize that we need to make the world a better place for our daughters and our sons. Making things better doesn’t mean taking away rights or judging people. Things will be better when women are no longer considered minorities in our governing bodies. When women control as much of the world’s wealth as men do, things will be better. When women band together and tell the men to get their politics out of our bodies, the world will be better.

Let’s make a vow to stick together. We are no longer competing–we are all smart, beautiful, wonderful beings–we are one strong community setting out to make the world a better place. We can do it…we are women…

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