Then I Got The Worst Haircut Ever

Yes, it happened to me. Despite my casual comments of, “oh, hair! It grows back!”

Despite cheerful memories of a long-ago roommate crying in the bathroom over too short bangs.

Despite my diligent preparation which included trolling the internet and Pinterest for the perfect haircut.

See, this was going to be a special hair cut. My coming out hair cut, as it were.

I’ve been in a funk for many months. The fall and winter were not kind seasons in KlineLand and drama ensued. I sunk lower and lower and lower. Then I started feeling better.

And my long hair just wasn’t cutting it. I needed something with spunk and spark! Something fun and perky!

What did I get? Old lady short. Yep, I ended up with the same haircut I had a year ago when I cut off all my color. Except this time there was no reason behind the shearing. Except for stylist…ineptitude?!

The nearsighted are entirely at the mercy of their stylist. When those glasses come off, we are just a mere blur in the mirror. We trust in God and the one wielding the scissors to do us good.

For me, it’s usually a good thing. This time: not so much.

So what did I do when it was over and I was presented with the shock of my shorn scalp? I smiled politely, muttered something about it being awfully short, agreed that the back was indeed “cute,” let myself be lured into making a follow-up appointment in six weeks and left. To cry in the van, tugging at my short hair, much like that long ago roommate. [FYI I didn’t actually cry. It’s hair, after all. But I did stare at myself in the mirror for several moments muttering, “what the f***?” Over and over.]

I saw no graceful way to communicate my dismay at the 1-inch pieces of hair on my head. It was over. Done. The hair can’t be glued back on. I smiled, paid, left, and beat myself up for not telling her the hair cut sucked. I certainly didn’t brandish the picture in her face while shrieking, “where’s the long top and wispy nape?!” Oh, in my mind I did.

What I will do is not return to her as my stylist. And since the salon seems to be close knit, I probably can’t return to the salon either. Even though there are hair stylists there who have done me well in the past.

This is where my inner good girl screws me over every time. I state my dismay or question something, and the person on the other end gets upset, defensive. I end up apologizing for upsetting them and feeling bad for causing trouble. It even happened recently here on my own blog! The person in the comments called me “jaded” and I folded like a bad poker hand!

Apparently, as my hair grows back I need to also grow a spine. Because I smile and walk away, and passive aggressively write blog posts and refuse to return to her for another hair cut. Instead of politely letting her know I wasn’t pleased with the results.

What would you do? How would you handle this situation? Would you say something? Do you really think saying something would help? Advice please!

10 thoughts on “Then I Got The Worst Haircut Ever

  1. I am so sorry that you aren’t happy with your haircut. Like you, I’ve never said anything when my hair didn’t turn out the way I asked them to cut it. I paid, left, and never went back again. If you ever find a better way to deal with the situation, I hope you’ll share it with us!

  2. I’m the same way. I probably wouldn’t say anything either. In fact, I have had bad hair cuts and just never went back to the salon. Hair is such a tricky thing. I went 2 years without having it cut just because I didn’t trust anybody. I finally found someone I love and I’m sticking with her no matter what.

  3. My dear friend, you need to contact the owner and tell them the problem, and then see if they can have you come in for some sort of fix, perhaps? This stinks. I’m sorry. I hate a bad cut. Awful. 🙁 Do you have a great collection of hats and scarves, perhaps? 😉

  4. I am *the worst* at handling conflict. THE WORST.

    My mom is so good at handling this type of situation. By the time she finished with the stylist, she’d walk out the door with free hair cuts for a year, a lifetime supply of shampoo and probably a cure for cancer. I inherited none of these genes.

  5. The same exact thing happened to me yesterday. I was excited about getting my hair styled differently and brought 2 pictures with me. I even showed hubby my pics and he thought it was really cute and the style landed at the top of the shoulders. I told her several time that I need my hair behind my ears to hit my shoulders before she started cutting. Guess what? I now have hair that is just slightly below my ear and I keep pulling on it thinking that maybe it will look longer. I was just starting to feel better about myself because I lost the last 20 lbs. I wanted to get off. I’m sure this will look much better in 6 weeks, but now I have to find someone else. I will not call, as a matter of fact I don’t know if I will even cancel my next appointment.

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