Expressions of Love

I’m excited to be teaming up with Eden Fantasys and offering commentary on their site a few times a month. Don’t be alarmed! I won’t be reviewing sex toys–unless something really really catches my fancy! But I will be letting you know about all the cool things offered on the Eden Fantasys website. There are forums where you can read about products, sex and politics, sexual health, and a ton of other things! There’s Sexis magazine that explores–what else!–sex! I’m excited about the photography group!

How do you express love for the special people in your life? Do you do special things for special people? Take on a chore they hate. Give a hug when they need one. Make them laugh when they’re down. Listen when they need an ear.

I see so many people getting caught up in living life that they forget the people that are important. It’s easy to fly from commitment to commitment without actually stopping to think about the people we are doing this for.

I show love differently for different people. I tell my family I love them as much as possible. I don’t ever want there to be a tragedy and not have them knowing how I truly feel about them. As a mom, I’m quick to point out that I might not like the behavior or the person at that moment, but I will always love them. I want them to have that foundation, that trust, that belief that they are truly and wholly loved.

I thank Jim for everything he does because I really appreciate it. If I mention something needs to be done around the house, he hops right on it. I think he shows his appreciation for me and the boys by doing this.

Each and every day, I do a gratitude list as I lay in bed, ready to sleep. I want God and the universe to know that I appreciate all the wonderful gifts I’ve been given. I have a nice life–not without boulders in the road at times–and I am not afraid to give thanks.

I’m pretty good at appreciating myself. When I need space, I give it to myself. When I need cheering up, I call a friend. When I need a day of laughter, I call a friend or get Jim to tell me jokes. Are you good at self-appreciation?

How about showing your self-appreciation with something nice for yourself? Eden Fantasys has so many ways to treat yourself! I won’t even talk about the sexual ways–you can explore them on your own! But what about some body and bath products? I love love love makeup kits and there are several! Like baths? Check out some body washes! You could show your partner some appreciation with a massage–with the agreement that they will reciprocate! A massage kit would make it even more fun!

Let’s make a deal to show some appreciation–to the people around us and to ourselves! Let me know how you do it and if things are different because you did something different.

Let’s make a vow to stick together. We are no longer competing–we are all smart, beautiful, wonderful beings–we are one strong community setting out to make the world a better place. We can do it…we are women…

This commentary was provided in exchange for a gift card to Eden Fantasys–the sex toy store.

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2 thoughts on “Expressions of Love

  1. I think so many of us moms are NOT good at making time for ourselves. So many of us put ourselves on the list but our place is at the bottom and we don’t rise up the list because more and more things are added on. It’s so important to take the time to look after ourselves (in whatever way makes us tick) and I thank you for that reminder.
    Incidentally, do you have British ties? You used the phrase ‘takes my fancy’…people in the US smile and nod their heads when I use the phrase.

    • So many times we don’t have time because we overschedule everyone! I’ve always been careful not to do that with the kids. They need time to just be…not 24-hours a day of formal activities!

      I was born and raised in Kansas, and have lived in Illinois for nearly 26 years! I am reading a novel set in Oxford though…maybe I picked up the phrase there! Except I remember hearing it growing up.

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