I’m A Big Fat Complainer…But I Want To Change That!

Saturday I came across this blog post. And it really hit home. Check it out and you’ll see that I commented, and had good intentions to stop the complaining immediately. How did it work? Let’s just say that Saturday–in my mind–I was an endless stream of negativity and complaining. Oy…

For awhile I was very Zen and calm. Last August that pretty much fell apart when each of my children decided to all apply for the role of juvenile delinquent at the same time. Suddenly I lost track of all things positive.

Luckily, time passes and I’m ready to become complaint-free once again!

Seriously, I need to do this because I wasn’t liking myself much as I became cognizant of the petty complaints running through my head.

  • The ATM type is small. It’s slow. It has braille.
  • People drive slow and tardy.*
  • The weather sucks.

This is just a polite sampling of what was running through my head.

I don’t want to be a crotchety old lady. I don’t want to be the one standing on my porch screaming at the kids to get off my lawn. I want to age with a pleasant Mrs. Santa face, not a Cruella Deville face.

I know I control these things because I control my thoughts.

I went beyond the blog post above and found the A Complaint Free World website. I even ordered some of the bracelets! What’s with the bracelets? You wear one. Then every time you find yourself complaining, you switch it to the other wrist. This simple act is to enlighten you to how much you complain over the course of the day.

I hope Saturday was an anomaly…because I’ll probably rub myself raw changing that bracelet every 30 seconds!

Do you want to join me? Let’s lighten this world and be more positive than negative!

*No matter how Zen I get, I absolutely lose it in the car. For some reason, Buddha mom is replaced by Evil Demon Driver when I get behind the wheel. I gotta work on that…

2 thoughts on “I’m A Big Fat Complainer…But I Want To Change That!

  1. That was kind of my resolution for the last two years, not only to not complain, but to not be critical of others. I have never been known for keeping my mouth shut, so I think I’m doing very well at biting my tongue. But it takes work, especially when people around you have profoundly insane tardy moments, but it is possible and I think it is making me a little more relaxed overall.

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