“They’re Just Doing Their Best”

Aaron, my wise wise 13 year old son’s words brought me out of my trench of negativity. He reminded me of what I know to be true: people are living their own lives, oblivious to my life and your life. Those words spurred me into a new phase of not complaining, that I discussed here.

I was driving and someone annoyed me. I responded by calling them an idiot (really, that was all, I didn’t use any bad words at all!). Aaron’s calm, Zen response: “They’re Just Doing Their Best.”

Damn! How can the kid be so right?!

Contrary to what I secretly think might be true, every driver in ChiBurbia is not out to get me. They do not see the turbo minivan coming and immediately decide to employ offensive driving maneuvers.

Those drivers–like any of the people we encounter throughout our days–are just worried about their own lives. They are thinking about kids they need to pick up, dry cleaning that needs to be dropped off, and milk that needs to be bought. Chances are, they didn’t even notice me–or any of us.

I came across a wonderful quote from The Daily Love, an email I get:

“You are always living a reflection of whatever you are outputting. And so, if you get into a little pocket where a lot of people are being rude, it’s probably because you are being rude — or because you have been aware of people being rude. Nothing ever happens to you that is not part of your vibration!”

– Esther Abraham-Hicks, is a best-selling author and speaker.

Isn’t this so true?! If we go through life grumpy and rude, we get grumpy and rude right back! But if we are smiling and compassionate to those around us, we get the same.

That’s my gift to you today: sharing the wise thirteen year old’s lesson with you. Tomorrow it will be the magic of Japanese¬†animation…not!


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