50 in 2012: Phish Net Stalkings by Denise Robbins

This week I read Denise Robbins’ latest, Phish Net Stalkings. Denise guest blogged here a few weeks ago. Check it out!

Phish Net Stalkings is a romantic suspense with a tech twist.

Jane East is looking for love. Her attempt at on-line dating left her gun-shy. Then she lets loose and meets the chief of police, where things get hot and heavy until she discovers he’s wearing women’s underwear. He doesn’t get a chance to explain that he was undercover since she bolts into the night. Besides, Jane hates the police–after all they were responsible for the deaths of her mother and her surrogate grandmother! Despite her determination to avoid Chief Chance, they can’t keep their hands off each other. Which puts a crimp in the whole avoiding-the-police thing. Jane’s world begins spinning out of control: her business is sabotaged, her life is in danger. As she prepares to flee once again, she wonders if loving Cooper Chance is a good enough reason to stay.

The story is a good one and the character of Cooper Chance is yummy. Jane East is a little too good. At times the story-telling has too much detail and seems to drag, and the ending comes on like a runaway freight, but it is a fun read.

You won’t be sorry if you take some time to spend with Phish Net Stalkings.

I was given a copy of this novel so that I could review it. This in no way influenced my review.





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