Thanks A Million Fat Chick! I’m Exercising!

This is not a compensated review. I bought the DVD and book on my own.

Have you heard about The Fat Chick? She has an exercise program for new exercisers so they ease into an exercise routine.

Repeatedly, I have started exercising, only to hurt myself along the way. I get discouraged. I stop exercising. My entire body seizes up.

Because of inflammatory arthritis that comes with having The Syndrome (aka Sjogren’s Syndrome) that has more lupus and rheumatoid symptoms than the dryness that comes from Sjogren’s, I am encouraged to move. Moving keeps the joints lubricated, making every day life a lot easier.

Last fall I attempted a back to basics class at the park district and failed. I ended up with sore knees and ankles, which defeats the whole idea of regular exercise. You can’t exercise regularly if you can barely walk.

So I was excited to hear about The Fat Chick and her DVD. Honestly, I don’t know where I heard about her, but I think it was over at Ragen Chastain’s Dances With Fat. These two remarkable women–Regan and Jeanette DePatie (aka The Fat Chick) have joined forces and started the wonderful forum for fat people who are fit (or trying to be) at FitFatties. Check it out if you want inspiration and help!

I ordered my DVD and reluctantly pushed it into the DVD player. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised! Actually, I was humiliated to only work out for less than 15 minutes the first time. Seriously…15 minutes?!

I decided to trust The Fat Chick and follow her DVD to the letter. I also got her ebook so I could learn even more. That’s how I am when I start something new–I want to learn everything!

The amazing thing: I don’t hurt when I am done working out. There are some muscle pains that come from doing something new, but that’s normal. I am not experiencing any of the pain that makes it hard to walk up the stairs. I feel looser and more limber.

I am also doing tai chi at the park district and love it. For years I have heard that this is a nice low impact, soothing way to gain strength and flexibility. It helps that the other people in the class are hilarious and make the hour fly by.

Today I started week 4 of The Fat Chick’s DVD. Each week’s section of the DVD features a talk from The Fat Chick, a lesson on any new moves, and the week’s routine. There aren’t leotard-wearing models doing the moves–they look like regular women.

Up to now I’ve been doing The Fat Chick’s work out three times a week, plus an hour of tai chi. But I think I’ll add another Fat Chick session to my week. Because I feel like I want more.

Since I am competitive by nature, I like moving into a new week. I feel a sense of accomplishment.

This DVD isn’t just for fat people, by the way. Anyone new to exercise should give this a try. It’s a nice change of pace to start an exercise program without ending up hurt or in pain.

Right now my goal is to get through the DVD. Then we’ll see where I go after that!

Oh, and every time I work out I tweet #goldstar. Seriously, we don’t get enough gold stars in life, so join in when you need one for anything!

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