Oh, No! FDA We’re Not Falling For This Again!

In July the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will decide whether or not to approve a new diet drug. It approved one earlier this month.

The drug approved earlier this month had some serious cardiac side effects and was not approved a few years ago because there wasn’t enough data to determine if it is safe. The drug up for approval in July has the serious side effect of causing cleft lip in babies born to women using the drug. The risks of injury to the heart are considered to be acceptable because these are better than injury from heart disease.

I’m not going to get into a discussion about health at every size here or the flawed studies that are touted championing weight loss over exercise and healthy eating. I do want to know why we trust the FDA at all?

Every day the television channels carry advertisement after advertisement for law firms handling the cases of miracle drugs that were supposed to improve our lives. These drugs have apparently failed not only to help as promised, but have caused more significant damage!

Shouldn’t we stop allowing ourselves to be used as the FDA’s guinea pigs? Because I doubt their ability to judge drugs on merit alone when drugs end up causing more damage than they helped stop.

I’m not saying new drugs shouldn’t be developed. Technology and information is advancing at speeds never seen before. We should take advantage of that. But as consumers, we need to question whether the drugs are really necessary or have been researched enough.

Unfortunately, the War On Obesity makes fat people perfect test subjects for the drug companies. Everyone wants to cure the fat people. What better way than a new drug that will earn a drug company super bucks as doctors and their patients scramble to Kill The Fat!

Personally, I’m saying, “No Way!” Maybe in ten years if people aren’t dropping dead and have managed to lose weight and keep it off, I’ll consider it. But until then I am not willing to be a guinea pig for the drug¬†industry.

What about you? How do you feel about the new drugs coming on the market?

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