Further Proof Politicians Are Imbeciles: Victim, Lisa Brown

Dear God, the political median IQ fell about a gazillion points last week. Not only did politicians prove they are imbecilic morons, they also made it quite clear that their agenda is to silence women. How to do that? Ban a fellow representative because she dared to say “vagina.”

Vagina. Vagina. Vagina.

Maybe my blog will be banned.

Representative Lisa Brown ended a speech with the line:

“Finally, Mr. Speaker,” Brown said Wednesday. “I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no.’ ”

“Mr. Speaker” is Jase Bolger. Apparently, he’s never seen Kindergarten Cop. Or read any books about talking to your kids about the correct names for body parts. Did he expect Brown to call it her “vajayjay” a la Oprah? It’s a vagina folks! Or do he and his Republic cronies have cruder names for it…that can’t be said in front of women?

Frankly, this is what every American women needs to be saying. To anyone and everyone who will listen. My body, my choice. My right as an American to earn as much as men. My right as a partner in any relationship to be free from domestic violence. My right as an elected politician to state my case without being banned.

Again, this isn’t all about abortion. It’s so many issues: birth control, marriage, domestic violence…women are getting silenced all over the place lately.

Is that what we want?

Is this what we want?!

I’m starting to get really mad at all of you because you are being so silent. They cannot keep us all quiet at once. They cannot control all the women, who outnumber the men in the United States. But we have to vote. We have to open our mouths. We have to think of our daughters and our sons. We have to honor the women who fought so hard before us.

We have the power!

Do you like the graphic above? I’ve turned it into a bumper sticker that you can purchase! All profits from this will be donated to NARAL. This would make a great present for friends and family! Share it with everyone! Let’s spread the message that we mean business. And we won’t be silenced!

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