50 in 2012: Backfire by Catherine Coulter

I read Backfire under a deadline because I procrastinated and the due date for returning to the library was looming. I knew other Catherine Coulter fans were waiting for their turns.

It’s an OK read. I know, I just can’t muster up a lot of energy for this one. The story:

Judge Ramsey Hunt is shot in the back on the patio of his seaside home. The miracle is that he isn’t dead because he was turning toward his wife who called to him from the house. He is, however, in grave condition. Luckily, he’s friends with married-to-each-other FBI agents, Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, who rush in and save the day.

Maybe it’s my mood, but dang these two are just to freaking perfect. They’re gorgeous and talented and great agents and wonderful people with a wonderful child. It’s a little monotonous that the protagonists have no flaws!

It’s not put-down-without-completely-reading awful. It was just tedious. Maybe these characters have outlived their ability to carry a story any longer. I did like some of the secondary characters quite a bit and could definitely invest some quality time reading about them.

I guess I’ll say that this is one is getting a lukewarm thumbs up from me. Not terrible. Not great. I think Catherine Coulter has definitely done better in her past FBI Series.

One thought on “50 in 2012: Backfire by Catherine Coulter

  1. Wow! What a book! The action is jam packed and the book has more twists and turns than that famous street in San Francisco.

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