The Dishwasher Is The Least Sexy of The Appliances

We decided to replace our elderly dishwasher last week. It’s been in the house since we moved in twelve years ago. We bought from flippers and they didn’t exactly splurge on the dishwasher. It was a dented, harvest gold, work horse of a dishwasher that seemed determined to win some sort of lifetime achievement award.

Except it was getting a little…gross. And it was harvest gold. Enough said.

We ventured out for the hunt. I did a little exploratory hunting on the internet beforehand.

At the store the salesman talked about the wonders of the $700 dishwasher. Except my new motto is: Not the cheapest, not the most expensive; something just right in the middle. So we also bypassed the $300 dishwasher.

I opened them. Looked inside. Noted the energy star rating. We nodded our heads a lot.

That’s when I realized that the dishwasher is, without a doubt, the most unsexy household appliance. I looked at Jim and told him I was faking interest. I admitted my coos and giggles about features were just covering up my disinterest and boredom.

Instead of being shocked and horrified, he slowly nodded his head in agreement and we both agreed on a dishwasher to buy. The selling point? The cutlery holder is in the door. It can be moved. There’s room for more dishes. It was different than all the others in that way.

Refrigerators excite me because they dispense ice and water. That pleases me to no end. I drink a lot of water…

The washer and dryer give me clean clothes and I like the task of washing and drying clothes. I can seriously get into folding things Just Right. If there was only a put-them-in-the-drawer appliance I would be set.

Vacuums amuse me because you can suck up things with them. Legos left out, threatening bodily injury if you step on them? Gone in a millisecond down the tube of sucking death. Take that tiny toy! I can also fondly remember reruns of That 70s Show and Fes giving himself hickies with the vacuum.

Toasters=peanut butter toast. Blenders=margaritas. Smoothie Make=smoothies. I could go on and on about the positive attributes of all the other household appliances. But beyond no dishpan hands, I have nothing for the dishwasher. Poor, poor, dishwasher.

Tonight when I load him, I’m going to pet his shiny new buttons affectionately. Oh yeah, he has buttons! Nope that didn’t do it…

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