50 in 2012: I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

Another rip-roaring thriller from James Patterson! I, Michael Bennett brings back Detective Michael Bennett…

who’s hunting down a Mexican drug czar. Bennet and his team know where he’ll be and they are determined to bring him down. But their plan goes awry and he slips away from them. Soon enough they catch up to him, but even behind bars and during his trial, he’s capable of intimidating people through murder and mayhem. When the threat comes close to home, Michael and his family are faced with touch decisions.

I picture Michael Bennett as Detective Elliot Stabler (aka Christopher Meloni). Except surrounded by a bunch of kids (there are 10 little Bennett’s!) and an Irish nanny (pictured in my head as Jane Leeves; I never said my accents were on track!). Oh, and a priest grandfather who looks and sounds like Burgess Meredith!

As I read, I was constantly waiting for closure. I wanted something to happen to the bad guy…fast! I wanted everyone to be safe. I wanted a nicely wrapped up little tale by the last page of the book.

I got none of those things. The ending was shocking to me. And, as always with a Patterson series, left me wanting more. Now!

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