Cover Yourself, Please: I Don’t Want To See Your Boobs

Is it just me, or are you tired of seeing breasts and cleavage everywhere you look? Lordy, what does it take to buy a shirt that actually fits?!

Saturday Jim and I went to Sports Authority so he could get new running shoes. When he paid for them, I wanted to throw a towel over the checker or a blindfold over Jim. Either way, I wanted to get those breasts off display!

Remember when bras lifted and separated? Wasn’t that a big thing at one time? Apparently, bras now hoist and compress. Instead of having two separate breasts discreetly covered with a shirt, there’s one giant uni-boob sticking out of the neckline of the too-tight shirt.

I feel old for even mentioning…modesty. Flash your girls for your boyfriend, at the club, at the swimming pool. Cover them when you’re waiting on my family at the restaurant or checking us out at the sporting goods store.

Plus, it’s one thing to see the cleavage of a young nubile girl. If you’re in your 40s and older, cover yourself. You know better. Especially if you are a mother of pre-teen and teenage boys.

I’m just getting tired of seeing boobs everywhere. I have my own…I don’t want to see yours.

5 thoughts on “Cover Yourself, Please: I Don’t Want To See Your Boobs

  1. This is so hysterically funny & true!!!! I so totally agree! In fact, I agree so much that I will go so far as including nurses in your list of those who need to stop hoisting & compressing!! Nurses of all ages & sizes…..

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