We Went To A Pinterest Wedding!

This past weekend our nephew got married and it was a Pinterest masterpiece! I am envious that  the couple had a place to get such cool ideas for their wedding.

The wedding took place at a historical mansion in Joliet, Illinois. The grounds were gorgeous. The mansion was old and gorgeous. The ceremony was on the lawn and the first thing I caught sight of was the sign requesting that people sit anywhere because guests were there to support the couple, not just one half of it. Of course, I was the only one who actually read the sign and had to go head to head with grandpa-in-law in our refusal to move to the “groom’s side.” Can’t people just follow instructions?!

The flowers along the aisle were similar to things seen on Pinterest. Very simple and elegant. The bridesmaids’ hair styles and even one’s colored strands looked straight from the boards of Pinterest. The tables were numbered with facts about the couple. Number seven where we were seated let us know that the couple had gotten engaged on August 7, 2010.

The “cake” was a tier of cupcakes. Seriously, I had the best red velvet cupcakes with the best cream cheese frosting ever! Yeah, I ate two!

Instead of goody bags/gifts for each couple, guests could make their own bag of what was once known as penny candy. I tried to entertain my nephew with gummy bear tendons, but the gummy bears wouldn’t cooperate! It just further enforced his opinion that I am a crazy old lady. It’s a role I embrace quite enthusiastically.

When I pointed out to the bride that it was a wonderful Pinterest wedding, she was excited someone noticed. Then she kindly pointed out that Jim and I were so cute in our matching outfits.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kline showed up for the nuptials dressed for the junior prom. I bought my dress months ago and realized the week before the wedding that the shirt I had picked for Jim matched. But it was to late to do anything about it. Yes, our outfits also matched my glasses. I really like teal…

I’m really jealous of the bride and want to have a wedding re-do with all the cool ideas from Pinterest! Have you seen pins in action?


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  1. Sounds like fun—we need pictures. I have to get my daily Pinterest fix–now if I only followed thru with making the items I pin.

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