Simplicty…Can I Do It?

I have an urge lately to really pare down and live simply. Don’t get frightened, I’m not turning in my digital devices. I will continue to be a techno ho. Seriously, the iPhone is a minimalists dream because it’s a phone and music player in one! Right?!

I want to simplify my home. I want clear spaces. I want fewer things. Less clothing languishing in the closet, unworn.

And, darn it, I’m going to do it!

I probably won’t get as spare as paring down my wardrobe to 33 pieces as discussed on this blog. But I probably don’t need 20 swimsuits either.

I’ve been “going simple” for years now. I seem to go in waves. But this time I want to make a dent somewhere.

I plan on keeping myself on track by reporting my progress here on my blog. And I want you to join in.

My September goals were to sort through the pantry and to de-clutter the living room. I’m pleased to announce that I have done the pantry. Now I have 11 days to do the living room!

What will you do? Share your goals and tips in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Simplicty…Can I Do It?

  1. How funny…….I have been going thru the exact same thing!!! Even to the point of selling our house for a smaller one if Mark would ever let me!!! I’m gonna see what I can accomplish in the next 11 days!!!

  2. Reuse! I’ll send mine to you & it will be like Christmas for both of us! And it won’t seem like junk…….well @ first…..

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