This Simplicity Stuff Is Harder Than It Looks…And Easier Too…

Last week I wrote about beginning my journey of Simplicity. I would love to report that I am sooo acing this life challenge. Wouldn’t it be grand to have my house perfectly in order without any extraneous things cluttering up the place?!

Yeah, right.

Sunday afternoon I opened up my closet, prepared to embark on the 333 challenge, or at least my version of it. The 333 challenge is where you choose 33 pieces of clothing that you will be wearing over the next 3 months. This should be easy for me since I am notorious for living out of my laundry basket. The typical person wears 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Totally me.

But what happened when I opened my closet…I found all of my summer clothes from last summer. And I had some really cute tops. Did they not fit me at the beginning of the summer? Did I even look at them at the beginning of the summer?

And why do I have twenty swimsuits with none that really fit well? Or the one that does is worn out from chlorine?!

I quickly closed the closet back up and will deal with it another day. I’m like Scarlet O’Hara that way. Maybe some closet fairies will come along and fix things for me!

I did have some successes:

  • I cleaned off the mantle. I plan on getting the glassware that was there washed and stored away. I really love it, but wanted something different for the fall. This way I can put it away and pull out what I want at a later date.
  • I cleaned out my china/display cabinet and removed everything I didn’t absolutely love. I have some pieces I bought at various home parties that cost a pretty penny, but really weren’t calling to me. They’re in the box potentially going to Good Will.
  • I cleaned out my downstairs bookcase and pulled out all my glass, fusing, lampwork, and mosaic books. I’ve sold most of them on a glass working site. Not only will they be gone (heading to the post office today!) but I made a little money from them. I’m pretty sure I got most of them from the same site, so it’s like gifting them to the new generation of glass artists (you know, the ones without the inflammatory arthritis that keeps them from flameworking…). I also had some knitting ¬†and crochet booklets that I am sending to Ravelry friends.
  • I tackled another kitchen cabinet. I thought I was up to date on the expired meds, but was I wrong! Sheesh! How do they accumulate?! Anyway, the old pills and probably-stale boxes of tea are also gone. I got everything I could reach. Need help with the rest!

How did you do this week? Did you get rid of anything? Give up like me? Re-thinking the whole project, content to live with the dust? Yeah, that’s crossed my mind!

Let me know how you’re doing!

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