50 in 2012: Judgment Call by J.A. Jance

I love Sheriff Joanna Brady. She’s no-nonsense, practical, frazzled, and dedicated to her family and her job. J.A. Jance brings Sheriff Brady back for her 15th appearance in Judgment Call.

Sheriff Brady’s daughter discovers the first body while on an early morning horse ride. The body of her high school principal lies in the desert. While investigating the murder of the woman who isn’t exactly what she appeared to be, the sheriff’s department and local police learn the power of social media and teenagers. When a second body appears a few days later, the need to find the killer intensifies. Add new¬†information¬†about the decades-old death of Sheriff Brady’s sheriff father and the book has you flipping the pages as quickly as possible.

Judgment Call finds generations at odds. Whether protecting themselves or their loved ones, there will be clashes as the truth comes out.

I’ve been reading the Sheriff Brady books since the beginning and find myself excited whenever a new one is released. Have you read these? You should!



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