50 in 2012: Low Pressure by Sandra Brown

I can always count on Sandra Brown (BEWARE: this is an incredibly annoying website, so visit at your own risk. If you do visit, you will be held hostage to mute-less music and a flashing intro that cannot be stopped!) to deliver a fast and pleasant read. Low Pressure delivered as expected.

In Low Pressure…

Bellamy Price writes a novel that was supposed to be cathartic. She needs answers to her sister’s death. Eighteen years earlier, Susan was killed at the annual Memorial Day picnic. Solving her murder and identifying the murderer was impossible after a tornado ripped through the park decimating evidence and the community. While Bellamy is looking for answers, someone else has their own agenda–Bellamy’s death.

This is a nice, easy read. The characters are interesting, the story well-told. You won’t be disappointed when you read this!


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