Donald Trump: Celebritician Du Jour

When did Donald Trump become part of our political process? I think I missed the memo telling us how he is even relevant at all. Again, he has a reality show and I don’t do reality shows except crafting, crime, and hoarding. I certainly have better things to do than watch someone yell “you’re fired!” Or whatever he says.

But this entire campaign season he has been lingering on the fringes. Mostly he makes controversial comments (like Ann Coulter?!), goading the fringes into a frenzy, and sits back to watch and gloat. Maybe it’s a sociological experiment on how stupid actual Americans are.

Or maybe it’s just an experiment to see how stupid the Republicans in charge are. I honestly believe that there are truly moderate Republicans who don’t believe that abortion is the only issue that matters, that rape resulting in pregnancy is not a gift from god, that women can’t get pregnant from rape, that handicapped children are a curse from god for having an abortion, and that modern women are in no danger from pregnancy and childbirth. There are because I do hear from them in my real life.

But somehow the current Republican party has left behind these people and has embraced the Donald Trump-like idiots. They’ve allowed him to participate in their game. Why? Because he brings the best toys (aka money)?

I do have some faith because Mitt Romney has started distancing himself from the abortion issue. I have concerns about Paul Ryan because he just seems a little freaky to me as a basic human being, much less a politician.

Trump’s latest publicity stunt (asking President Obama to produce his college transcripts) is just sad. It’s like it’s one last effort to make someone pay attention to him. Like a spurned woman claiming a fake pregnancy from some soap opera. Or the same soap opera, different character, using a fatal illness to keep her lover near. Wait! He’s like Glen Close in Fatal Attraction! Good god, will he be boiling bunnies soon?!

Yes, Donald is a sorry sorry little man. But the Republican Party is even more sad. Why? Because they’ve let him get this far. Someone in charge should have stepped up long ago and given Donald a little speech about how he is appreciated but not needed. Maybe then they’d still have some credibility left as politicians.

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