50 in 2012: What The Cat Saw by Carolyn Hart

I love Carolyn Hart books. Which is why I feel silly being a little wary of her latest, What The Cat Saw. Lately, I find a book with a paranormal twist and I’m on guard for a really really bad ride. Most of the time I am wrong. Which was the case with this book.

Nela Farley suddenly developed the ability to read the minds of cats when her fiance was killed. When she goes to Oklahoma to help out her sister, she ends up rooming with a dead woman’s cat. The cat is telling Nela that the accident was not really an accident at all. But who would want Marian Grant dead? Why? Nela puts her investigative reporter skills to use and sets out to find the answers to those questions.

Hart has a pleasant, low-key way of telling a tale. I’m not saying she doesn’t create page-turners. But she keeps everything to a low simmer, bringing out the story slowly and delectably. If I was a wine drinker, I would make some comparison to a heady burgundy–whatever that is!

What Carolyn Hart does is make you want to know the characters better. Which is why I am tickled that What The Cat Saw is the first in a series, according to her website!

This is a can’t miss! Check it out!


2 thoughts on “50 in 2012: What The Cat Saw by Carolyn Hart

  1. I had some qualms about how the psychic part of the book would be handled. The story is basically a straight contemporary story with just a hint of paranormal. Nela doesn’t know how or why she can pick up cat’s thoughts; at first she thought she might be having mental problems and she still isn’t completely sure she’s not but she becomes more willing to give credence to what she hears. Hart doesn’t try to have cats think in full human fashion. Nela does pick up words but it’s scattered words, not complete sentences, and the cats don’t seem to be able to read Nela’s thoughts. Hart doesn’t give us an explanation for Nela’s thoughts, which works in this book, but could get annoying if the series continues. Overall, I thought she handled it well.

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