Whores, Queers, Thieves, & Dumbocrats

Throughout this election season, my Facebook feed has been full of “Christian” people calling the women who get abortions “whores,” people in favor of same-sex marriage “queers,” anyone needing public assistance “thieves,” and anyone who supported President Obama as a “dumbocrat.” How do I know they are Christian? Because they said so repeatedly while spouting hate and lies.

What were the lies? That President Obama was born in Kenya–seriously hasn’t this one been done to death? The man was born in Hawaii. I think the state of Hawaii refuses to answer questions about the birth certificate because it was eating up resources. That he’s a Muslim. Big deal? So what? I don’t think he is, but does the President of the United States have to be Christian? What happened to our country being built on religious freedom?

If it had been one person making a comment, I could have ignored it. But when a single comment garnered many responses, it was frightening. Who are these people who sit in judgment of everyone around them.

Thinking back, I think I’ve known two women who have gotten abortions. Neither used it as birth control. They had an accident and knew they were in no position to care for a child. What if there are women who use abortion as birth control? Isn’t there a more Christian way of helping them? Is calling them “whores” the best you can come up with? Access to birth control could help them. So could some social services to keep them off the streets, out of danger, and healthy? Oh, right. That’s socialism and that’s bad.

I don’t know what gay people have done to these Christian people to make them so hateful. All they want to do is be able to publicly acknowledge their love for another person. Who happens to be of the same sex. Finding someone to love enough to marry is a gift I am certain God never intended only for straight, Christian people.

Calling people on public assistance “thieves” is particularly heinous. Having worked with this population, I can tell you that the people defrauding the system are outnumbered by the people who need it. Like anything, there are people who fudge things and try to get things for free. But you have to worry about the people who really need public assistance. You can judge what they buy with their food stamps. You can judge what they drive. But you will never know the kind of life they led before they needed assistance. Or who they might be helping out by doing their shopping. You have to trust that the people in charge of these programs have standards all applicants need to meet before they get assistance.

I actually think “dumbocrats” is kind of clever and funny. Still, when people have to resort to name-calling to argue their case, it belittles them. Don’t think they limited it to Democrats in general. There were also some names for President Obama. You shouldn’t call another person a disparaging name ever, much less the President of the United States who should be respected.

Unfortunately, these are the kinds of people the Republican party has been catering to. By adopting such polarizing viewpoints and being so vocal with them, they were convinced that more than half the country agreed with them, ensuring a landslide win for Mitt Romney. A lesson to be learned here: just because someone doesn’t respond to your comments doesn’t mean they agree with you. Maybe they realize a commonsense conversation is not going to happen, and they aren’t up to a fight. They chose to speak out in the voting booth instead.



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