Pinterest Successes! Corn Casserole, Amish Cinnamon Bread, & Chicken Enchilada Soup

Thank God we all have Pinterest to help us plan meals! I get so many ideas when I visit. Most get stored on my food board to be forgotten, but some get tested and tried. Here are three that worked out for us in the past week.

First, the corn casserole. I test drove this one to see if it would be Thanksgiving worthy. It passed and will be added to the menu. It reminds me of the spoon bread you get at some Mexican restaurants. Just less sweet. It’s super easy to make. It does call for a stick of melted butter, but I think you could get away with less.

Second, the Amazing Amish Cinnamon Bread Alternative. Have you heard about the Amish Friendship Bread? The one that you get a starter for and you do things to it every day to get it to grow. Then you bake some and share some. This is supposedly the same bread without all the work. Personally, I’ve never made the bread with the starter. But this bread was incredible. Even the batter tasted good–I’ve got to lick those beaters! Jim and I had the same thought after eating some–add chopped apples! This was super easy and made two loaves.

Third,¬†Crock Pot¬†Chicken Enchilada Soup. I love Chili’s chicken enchilada soup and this is a darn close copy. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. Instead of adding flour at the beginning of the cooking, I made a roux at the end and thickened it that way. It was good. I served this with tortilla chips. Next time I’ll make some tortilla strips just for authenticity–you know, copying Chili’s! Some sliced avocado on top at serving would be excellent too!

Have you tried anything on Pinterest lately that has you excited? Tell me, please!

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