Let’s Boycott Black Friday

OK, kids, I’ve been thinking.

This is the phrase that sends chills down Jim’s spine. Usually because I’ve been watching HGTV and have an excellent idea for our home or garden that he will need to implement. Hey, it’s not my fault my hands hurt!

But this idea requires cooperation from all of you, your family, and your friends. We need to boycott Black Friday. Not the whole day, but we need to stay home until at least 6am on Friday, November 23, 2012.

If people stay home, stores will have no reason to open at incredibly ridiculous hours. If stores don’t open at incredibly ridiculous hours, employees won’t have to report for work at even earlier incredibly ridiculous h0urs. We are not lemmings. We can wait a few hours for fake deals.

This weekend I was with friends. They will be staying home on Thanksgiving because one of them works for Walmart and has to be at work at 7pm to get ready for their early opening for Black Friday–which is happening at 10pm the night before. She doesn’t get time and a half. She doesn’t get any extra compensation. She gets to work her shift, plus extra hours to¬†accommodate¬†the crazed masses that will swarm the store for Black Friday (or would it be Gray Thursday?!).

An internet friend is upset because he husband works for a retailer that has decided to compete with the big stores, and will be opening late on Gray Thursday also. Instead of going into work a few hours early on Friday morning, he will be reporting to work Thursday evening. Again, he will work his usual shirt plus extra hours.

Are the sales really that incredible that you need to shop in the middle of the night? Personally, I think they offer limited sub-par goods at insane prices to lure you in. You’re there, you’ll spend because you are. But if you wait a few more weeks, you might actually get a real deal on a quality product.

Do you like going out in the middle of the night? Then go to a business that’s already open. Those employees work that shift intentionally.

Or you could consider a new plan for the holidays. Do we really need to have so many material things? I like the idea of giving experiences. Gift cards to a nice restaurant, tickets to a museum, the movies, or a play would be nice. Services like baby sitting, house cleaning, yard work, or snow shoveling would help someone out.

I don’t want to take away Christmas. I just want us to give it and the presents we give to have more meaning.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Boycott Black Friday

  1. I haven’t shopped black Friday in over 10 years, and the sales didn’t start until 5 a.m. on Friday then. I just don’t think anything is worth being up that early in the morning for. I think that it’s very sad that the sales start on Thanksgiving evening, and people are ready to go. Spend time with your family (if you like them), or stay at home and relax!

  2. I used to work for a retailer and we opened at 4 am, when I got to work at 3:30am there was a line around the building. I got to witness grown men push an elderly lady down to get the last shopping cart. Not to mention the people who stood in line for an hour to get a price match and only saved a few cents. Is that really the best use of time?

    That is part of the reason my husband and I do Thanksgiving – Part Two, on black Friday, we host a traditional dinner for all our friends and it’s a huge hit.

    On-line and pre-season shopping is the way to go.

  3. Ok…..you have convinced me……NO BLACK FRIDAY FOR ME!!! Oh, wait! I NEVER do black friday. I think we may have a couple of years way back when the kids were young. I am also inspired to forego ANY Gray Thursday shopping! Thanks for your indpiration Sisser!! This actually a very good post. I agree w/ your “giving experiences” & of course there is always the most important & true reason for the season……Christ The Lord!

    • Jamie, I’m with you about going when the kids were young. Some video game thing was super cheap! Still the store opened at 6am–not 9pm the night before. And once I did get up at 7am for Sizzix cartridges at Michaels! You are spot on that the meaning of the season is more than material things of any type!

  4. You’re singing to the choir on this one! Just yesterday my husband remarked about how delighted he was that we never had to go to Toys R Us any more. The same thing goes for Black Friday. No sales are worth the madness!

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