I’m Blaming Bobby Berry…But I Feel Fabulous!

You might remember when I declared myself a brave brave woman because I went completely grey. I stayed that way for over a year. The thing is, that while I had two patches of cool white hair, the rest of my hair was the color of corrugated pipe. Have you ever ever heard someone declare they ever wanted to look like corrugated pipe?!

Of course not! Mottled grey is not an attractive nor becoming color on anyone.

I had to switch hair dressers when the last one took liberties with my hair cut. Yup, she looked at the proposed picture and instead cut my hair into the requisite old-lady short pixie cut. Which was fine a year earlier when I wanted the color cut off. But as a real-life pay money and pretend to like it hair cut? No way!

So I slunk off to South Elgin to visit a stylist recommended by Kelly and her daughters. But she no longer worked there and instead, I was gifted Bobby Berry, The Hair Whisperer. This guy knows his stuff.

I let him give me a few hair cuts. The second one he asked, “what are we going to do about this color?” I was strong. I resisted.

But I started thinking. Because it just wasn’t working for me. Maybe if I had great hair that was all white it would be different. But, you know, corrugated pipe…

Last time I said, “color me” and we went with a nice color. Jim’s face when he saw it was priceless–and worth having it done. Apparently my husband is also not a fan of corrugated pipe grey. But he’s to nice to say anything! Gotta love him!

This time I gave him carte blanche with the cut and went a little darker and funkier with the color. Oh, yeah, red is back! I love it! The color and the cut are both perfect!

And, Bobby Berry…he declared me a “big ball of fabulous!” I’m so keeping him! And he loves nuns!

5 thoughts on “I’m Blaming Bobby Berry…But I Feel Fabulous!

  1. On your recomendation I went to Bobby Berry today and as I walked out all I could think was, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty!” He’s amazing! I have been searching for a stylist I could trust (who doesn’t charge a fortune) for years, I think I found him! Thanks for sending me his way. And I can’t wait to see your new color!

  2. I Have to say this is so very sweet! Susie, I’ve been grinning from ear to ear! Making my clients feel fabulous is what I’m all about! Flattered!!! I have to say working with such a great staff at The Hair Cuttery in South Elgin, helps me provide an amazing customer experience!!! Its clients like you that make me love my Job! Are you feeling those Shades of Fabulous yet! 🙂

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