Simplifying Fail: Thanksgiving Day & Why Did My Turkey Cook So Fast? There Was No Fire This Year

Part 1

I’ve written a few posts about my goal to declutter and simplify my life. I thought I was doing so well. Well…

Thanksgiving day came and it was time to serve dinner. Unfortunately, I had decluttered my serving utensils a few months ago. Gleefully, I had watched them dragged to the porch for a charity pick up day. I felt so light…so free.

Because who needs three giant serving spoons and two giant slotted serving spoons?

Anyone serving Thanksgiving for ten with more than one side dish! That’s who!

We ended up using the spaghetti server for the green bean casserole. Yes, French cut green beans slightly resemble spaghetti. Slightly!

Spatulas served foods that didn’t really need their sauces or¬†juices.

Lesson learned: think long and hard before throwing away kitchen items. You might not use your serving spoons on a daily basis, but there might be more times throughout the year when you need them!


Part 2

My 19+ pound turkey cooked in less than 4 hours. We had allotted nearly seven hours for cooking, resting, and carving.

When we went to rotate the bird 180 degrees as I read on the internet, the red thingy had popped! Three hours before we were eating.

We managed to salvage the bird, but have no idea what happened. This isn’t the first time, either.

I picked up an oven thermometer on Friday (along with new serving spoons…). According to it, my oven is right on temperature-wise. I was expecting a giant discrepancy.

If anyone has any ideas on why this happens, please let me know! I’m going to keep cooking turkeys until I get it right. And we’re already tired of turkey!

PS We were fire free this year! Thumbs up for us!


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