We Are A Nasty Judgmental People, Aren’t We?

OK, people, why aren’t you listening to me?! I’ve talked about judging fat mannequins and being mean in the past week. But it keeps happening!

This week’s victim: a bride-to-be. Check this out. Like one of the commenters, I had no idea Jeff Probst has a talk show. I’m not even sure who Jeff Probst is, but I am associating him with Survivor.

A couple decide to be clever about their obligatory save-the-date announcement. Instead of garnering well-wishes and congratulations, the video goes viral. And people hate her teeth. Particularly, a “dead tooth.” Honestly, I watched her mouth every time she speaks and I still am not sure which tooth is dead.

Once again, let me say this: your opinion of someone’s appearance should never be spoken. Never ever. Didn’t your mama teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, keep your friggin’ mouth shut? Who died and made you the boss of everyone’s underpants? Like I keep telling Aaron, “every thought in your head does not need to be spoken out loud.”

I understand teeth are a hot subject now with all the tooth whitening products on the market. Commercials tell you that you will never meet Mr. Right, get married, give birth without having glaringly white teeth. Or that Mr. Dumped You will only live to regret it if you have glaringly white teeth. Or you’ll never pick someone up in Vegas without glaringly white teeth. We are being brain washed by Crest and Colgate.

Why are we–imperfect people–falling prey to the idea that everyone must be a perfect human specimen? Is it reality television? Just because the Kardashians appear perfect, doesn’t mean they represent the entire human species. Real Housewives aren’t much like any of the housewives I know. People on television are not real, even when their shows are called “reality.”

Frankly, everyone who comments on someone else’s appearance–even if the comments are made “for their own good”–needs to be slapped. A la “Airplane.” That means no comments on weight, height, skin color, eye color, choice of clothing, choice of makeup, hair color, hair cut, etc.

I am not perfect. Believe me, the war on dingy teeth has me making comments in my head about people’s teeth. I mean, did you know in television shows from just a few years ago, not every character had nuclear teeth?! The horror! One thing I do when I catch my inner catty coming on is focus on something good about a person. Cool shoes? Oh yeah! Smells good? Kudos!

Unfortunately, we live in a time when we all think each other’s business is our business. This is what the media has led us to believe. That’s why they have entire articles about the state of dress of some b-list actress or the state of the Kardashian Nation. Fashion and celebrities really aren’t news. Politics, world issues, domestic issues are news worthy.

Please don’t make me say this again: shut your mouths and be nice to each other. Appreciate our differences.


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