Bah, Humbug. Where Is My Christmas Spirit?

The December doldrums have set in. There’s something about this time of year that just gets to me. I know I’m not alone, but that only makes me feel marginally better. If I know this feeling is coming, why can’t I get over it?!

For parents, this time of year is riddled with guilty feelings.

  • Am I buying my kids to much?
  • Am I buying them to little?
  • Will they become little brats demanding material things, never realizing the true meaning of the season?
  • How can I teach lessons that things are not what makes you happy when the tree is surrounded by presents?
  • If I don’t deck the halls with every Christmas decoration available, am I robbing your kids of the Christmas experience?
  • If I think that the Holiday Store at the elementary school is the biggest waste of money and refuse to participate, does this make me a bad parent?
  • If I think Elf on The Shelf is a scam and don’t want to participate, are my kids missing out?
  • If I don’t make ten different kinds of Christmas cookies because I try not to have a lot of junk food around, will my kids turn into junk food junkies?

See all the angst the season produces for me?! And this is only the tip of the ice berg. Questions like these run through my mind constantly during the month of December. Add in Aaron’s birthday on December 5th, and I am a simpering ball of pathetic trying to be a decent parent.

Yes, my only aspiration is “decent.” I know I can’t be perfect. I’m just hoping that none of my kids pens a Mommy-Dearest type tome during my lifetime. With my luck one of them will and it will be all about how I sucked as a holiday mom.

Anyone else feel this way?!

2 thoughts on “Bah, Humbug. Where Is My Christmas Spirit?

  1. I sure can relate to your post — but substitute “grandchild” for “kids.” Am I being a stereotypical overindulgent grandma? Will my son and DIL hate me for spoiling the little darling? But what if I don’t get enough goodies and come off as stingy?
    We’re probably not going to ruin the children by whatever we do during this one month, but how can we learn to lighten up?? I wish I knew.

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