What I’d Want For Christmas If I Were A…

If I were a young girl I would want all the Monster High stuff. Books, videos, dolls, clothes, scooters, bikes…I’d want it all! I love the Monster High dolls and haven’t ever gotten one as an adult!

If I were a young woman with long hair again, I would want all those funky curling irons. When I was a girl, we had round curling irons. You wanted spiral curls, you got a perm. You wanted kinks, you slept in wet braids. We told stories about girls wanting straight hair and getting it on an ironing board with an iron. Now they have curling irons and other styling tools that do all these things! Big barrels. Small barrels. Multi barrels. Spiral barrels. Tapered barrels. Think of all the things I could be doing with my hair if I were still 21!

If I were a young mother, I would want the infant monitor with the high definition video camera. Peace of mind! Nothing on television? You’d have a great show being produced and recorded in your own home of your own child!

If I were super handy, I’d want  some word working tools. Sometimes the urge to build something sweeps over me…then I shove it under the carpet. A lathe, a table saw, a router. I’d finally get the built-ins I want!

If I were super athletic, I would want all the fitness accessories that go with my iphone. Heart monitors, GPS, and distance apps. High tech exercise is the way to go!

Luckily, I am none of these things and my Christmas list is non-existent this year. I have no idea what to ask for or what I want. Nothing is grabbing me at all. So I’ll just dream about the things all the other Susies want! How about you? What do you want this Christmas? Or what do your alter egos want?

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