Where Was God During The Connecticut Shooting?

This seems to be the question of the day. Where was God?

According to Mike Huckabee and Geraldo Rivera, God was absent in the school and in the perpetrator.

Huckabee blames the Democrats and their systematic removal of God from all that is American. Rivera says a “faith-based” man wouldn’t have done such an evil thing.

I’m not going to discuss at any length the wars that have been fought in God’s name–in its many forms. Or how “faith-based” men and women have done evil things.

I can’t discuss where God was on Friday because I don’t know. And no one else does either. To claim to know is to be rather prideful. Funny how Pride is one of the deadly sins.

I think God was there from the stories I have been reading about the heroes of the school. The ones who hid children and confronted the shooter.

I don’t think any one of us can say for certain that the young man who was responsible wasn’t a faith-based man. Not enough is really known at this time about him. No one knows his reasons. No one knows his pathology–if any exists. No one knows if it was psychotropic drugs–if any were taken. No one knows why these victims were chosen.

It makes me sad that at times of tragedy God’s name is invoked in all that is wrong with the world. Where was God during the discussions going on during the past year as the Presidential race was ran? Where was God when it comes time to having a workable budget? To hell with children, old people, and immigrants! Where was the faith-based concern for women when they were accused of being sluts, whores, and baby killers? Right, God was mentioned when illogical and irresponsible medical information was shared regarding basic reproduction.

I also wonder who decided who The Correct God is? He seems to be a fairly rigid Christian God that mimics whoever invokes his name at that moment. Thank God there are those among us who can interpret and teach us the way of their God, because we’d be lost without them. (Sarcasm…)

My God is a kind and loving God who is heart-broken by what happened on Friday. He understands that not every person who believes in him has to do it publicly and loudly. He knows that many who do speak his name do it while doing unthinkably cruel things to other people. He just wants us to love and respect each other.┬áHe wants us to stop blaming him for all the bad things that happen because he’s not there.

Because he is everywhere. He’s in the good and the bad. The righteous and the wicked. He’s in the rich and the poor. The young and the old. He’s in the Earth and all of its beings–no matter the form they take.

He wants us to be kind and compassionate to everyone we meet. He wants us to love.


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