The Eye Roll Heard ‘Round The World

In case you missed it, some time during the Inauguration festivities over the past weekend…wait for it…Michelle Obama rolled her eyes during a meal. There’s plenty of speculation about the source of the eye roll, with many wondering if it was John Boehner.

I’m a fan of Michelle Obama (except for her childhood obesity campaign that I think hurts more than helps). She seems very real to me. More real than some plastic first ladies of the past.

Michelle smiles and talks and walks and apparently works out. I know about the working out part because when the media isn’t speculating about her eye rolling, they are talking about her powerful arms. Oh, and now she’s made bangs official!

But right now we’re talking about the eye rolling.

Let’s give the woman a break. She’s a mother with teenaged daughters. She has a powerful, important husband and is constantly on stage. Some times she is going to slip.

I don’t think the eye roll had anything directly to do with John Boehner.* I know the political pundits are hoping Boehner said something like, “my guns are bigger than your guns” to taunt President Obama during lunch. Some are hoping he said something about his political action committee being bigger or that women can’t get pregnant during rape because their stress hormones prevent it. Of course they want something this licentious! Imagine the scandal! Imagine the headlines! Stop the presses!

I offer this, however: The Boys were talking about Boy Stuff and Michelle had had enough. I think any of these topics, eventually, garner an eye roll from even the most doting wife:

  • Cars
  • Boobs
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey

Or maybe one of The Boys is a member of the bad joke club. I know this is the source of most of my eye rolling when it comes to Jim. Sure the jokes were funny the first one hundred times, but after that I would roll my eyes even in front of President Obama if Jim told one of his punny jokes or offered his much-repeated wisdom on horse’s asses.

We are told that eye rolling is one of the worst things for your marriage. Especially if you sigh and spin while doing it. OK, I made some of that up. But seriously, eye rolling is a big no-no.

Unless it’s for a serious offense like the ones listed above. Married people cannot be perfect all the time. And eye rolling seems pretty tame compared to some of the things human beings can do to one another.

Poor Michelle Obama. Let down your guard and all the world begins to comment. I bet she can’t wait for the next four years to be over.

*For the record, I think John Boeher probably excels at the “I’m not touching you game” and wouldn’t hesitate to play it at a political dinner.

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