Kid Gets Scared…Fakes Kidnapping

An 11 year old Spanish boy was so afraid of his parents’ attendance at his parent-teacher conference that he faked his own kidnapping. His father, a policeman, rallied the forces and began searching for the abducted pre-teen. Then he noticed keys to another apartment were missing. Upon investigating, he found his son safe and sound…and in a bit more trouble than if his parents had merely gone to the conference!

I love kids (except for my own) when they pull things like this. I love how their minds work. I wish I could talk to this boy to find out what his plans were. Would he appear somewhere and claim he was dumped by the kidnappers? Would he let someone rescue him?

But I will put my money on the fact that he never thought one neuron past “being kidnapped will keep Mom and Dad from meeting with my teacher.” That’s how kids think. They live in the moment. They don’t give one thought to the consequences beyond, “jumping off this roof will be soooo cool!”

Broken bones and ambulance rides are never considered.

Unlike adults. We can’t help but think of the consequences of any of our actions. We over analyze. We over think. We plot and plan until the opportunity passes us by and we are left thinking, “what happened?!”

There has to be a happy medium here. Somewhere between no thought and over thought lies the perfect land of decision making.

I talk myself out of a hundred good ideas every week. OK, they’re probably not ALL good. But I actually don’t know because I don’t try them out. Maybe there really is a market for alpaca sweaters–I don’t mean sweaters made FROM alpaca wool I mean sweaters FOR alpaca. They would look so cute! I mean, shetland ponies are wearing shetland sweaters!

I got some advice from Suzanne Jenkins who guest blogged here earlier this week. She told me not to censor myself. To go for it.

I am going to go for it. I am going to only moderately censor myself. I mean, I am a mother and wife…my craziness needs to be somewhat contained.

Look out world!

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