Meet The Jetsons The Fashion Designers Said…

Repeatedly, I have admitted to being a fashion non-maven. I have no sense of style. Unless my yoga pants (I have different styles) and t-shirts (again, many different styles) count as my sense of style. Then I’m just sad! But I do see pictures and watch some television. So I have an idea of what’s in and what’s not. And right now I am noticing an odd fashion trend: Fashion Meets The Jetsons.

As a child I loved The Jetsons. Mostly because cars would fly and I wouldn’t be stuck on the ground going the speed limit. But I also admired the fashions of the future. These were so much more styling than anything on Star Trek!

Jane, his wife and daughter Judy…they were so cosmically chic!

Some could see the fashions of today and wonder if poodle skirts are about to be back in vogue. But the hemlines speak volumes…Connie Francis never rocked a short fluffy skirt. She wasn’t flaunting her knees in Where The Boys Are! Nope, these styles are taken straight from The Jetsons! Knees on parade!

I’ve often heard that fashions just cycle through. I’ve now lived through bell bottoms twice. The 80s were paid homage over the past few years. My young friends tell me it’s once again time for the 90s. So why not be time for the fictional 50s and cartoon 60s?!


What do you think? Would you wear skirts like this? I would, if I weren’t thrown back into my bridesmaid dress days of yore with the hoops…I still have nightmares.

I wonder how a poofy skirt would look with a t-shirt?




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