Sandy Hook Was Terrible But What About The Kids Being Shot One By One?

We were all saddened and shocked by what happened at the Sandy Hook elementary school late last year. Whenever children die, it hits us deeply because children are our hope and our future. People are driven to do something major. Speeches demanding gun control and gun limits soar. There are heated debates and ideas being tossed around in the media, in the government, and in homes.

But what about the children who aren’t part of a massive gun tragedy, but are being picked off one by one by the same gun violence? For instance, a young girl who performed at the recent inauguration festivities with her school band was recently killed. Fortunately, her death is garnering some attention because of her recent activities.

Another case of gun violence is media attention because it is the fourth sibling from a single family ravaged by gun violence. Ronnie Chambers was an adult when he was killed, yet his mother is burying her fourth child.

Every day I read the headlines for Chicago and see how many children are being killed. Toddlers caught in the crossfire of gang fights. Teenagers shot walking home from high school. Middle school children killed while playing outside.

This is not how we are supposed to live in America. We are supposed to be protecting our children and grooming them for great things. That’s difficult to do when you have to make your kids sleep in the bathtub because of the gun shots raging in your neighborhood throughout the night.

There has to be a reasonable solution. Because our children cannot keep dying. We cannot forget that it’s not just nice suburban children being shot by a crazed gunman. There are inner city children who also need our help. They deserve it just as much–if not more–because gun violence impacts every minute of every day of their lives.

It is time for mothers everywhere to become champions of gun control. We have to stress that weapons are dangerous in the wrong hands and potentially dangerous in any hands. We’ll hear arguments about the second amendment. We’ll hear arguments about citizens’ rights. We’ll hear arguments about government interference.

And we will just have to look them right in the eye and say, “But what about the rights of the children to live? That’s all we want…safe, protected children…”


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