Doing My Civic Duty

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Finally, I have been called to serve on a jury! After years and years of wanting to, I made it. To federal court. Which means a trip to the city. Parking. Public transportation. Ugh!

I really was only hoping to serve in DuPage County! That’s a half hour from my house and parking is a breeze! Plus, it’s a one-time deal.

Not federal jury duty. It’s a two week span of time you have to be prepared to get down there to be a responsible citizen. My two weeks started last week.

I ended up going down on Tuesday. It was an easy drive. Everyone was pleasant (except for one woman, but that’s another post…).

I actually made it into the jury box for voir dire. While there, I and every other person, had to share the occupations of their siblings and spouses. That’s 16 people for me! I swear, if I have to go back down this week there will be a lot more pirates, mobsters, and clown college professors in my bunch! I’ve got to get some entertainment from this whole experience.

Yup. Even though I was already down there I can still be called back. To do this all again.

In the end, I was dismissed by the plaintiff’s attorney. Then I heard they settled before it went any further so we were all dismissed.

I’m not sure why I was dismissed. Maybe because I got into a semi-intellectual debate with the judge about whether or not any of us can be completely impartial. He wasn’t amused. I was.

The trip home was in a rain/snow storm. By the time I made it to my car, I was drenched and freezing. The turbo mini van never made it over 45 miles per hour. Sometimes I was only going 5 miles per hour!

We’re expecting another storm tomorrow…

Have any of you served on a jury? Was it an interesting case?

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